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We offer a range of starter kits that are an ideal introduction to the brand. Have a little peek here.

Alpha H is a concentrated skincare range, packed with active ingredients in order to achieve results. Therefore, some tingling and redness may initially occur – but don't panic! This is perfectly normal, we promise. Because of these potent ingredients, particularly glycolic acid, stimulation occurs deep within the skin. As your skin becomes accustomed to the products, you will find that the redness and tingling will decrease. The products will of course still be working their magic just as effectively though! Some people may not experience any tingling or redness at all - it really just depends on your skin. If however, after weeks of use, you are still experiencing a significantly worrying reaction, stop using the product and please don't hesitate to contact us for some further advice. Our friendly customer care team can be contacted on 01179 270 430, via email at .

They are indeed! Alpha H is suitable for all skin types and caters for all skin conditions – from acne and oily, through ageing and pigmented, to dry, red and rosacea suffering. Their products do contain very active, potent ingredients, so we advise those with reactive or sensitive skins to ease yourself in gently in order to gradually build up your tolerance. Please don't hesitate to contact us for some advice on the best ways to do this. Our friendly customer care team can be contacted on 01179 270 430, via email at

The Alpha H name has become synonymous with glycolic acid – the key ingredient in their bestselling product, Liquid Gold. Other key ingredients range from vitamins, essential oils, structural peptides, invigorating herbs, natural plant extracts and antioxidants. Alpha H is above all a cosmeceutical brand. Their core belief is that products should provide results, and quickly. Subsequently, their ranges are jam-packed with high-tech and rigorously researched ingredients that do the job, and do the job well. No frills, just great skin.

One of the main ingredients in the fight against ageing, dullness and acne, glycolic acid can sound a little bit, well, scary if we're honest. But ironically, it's actually far gentler on the skin than most other forms of exfoliators, and is derived from natural sugar cane – not created in some mad scientist's petri dish.

Think of your normal, grainy-based scrubs. They offer ‘mechanical' exfoliation. But if used too often or incorrectly (or if the scrub is too harsh) they can actually cause tiny tears on the new skin being exposed. Glycolic acid however, gently loosens dead (and dulling) skin cells without rubbing or tearing. It's the non-violent, peace-loving member of the exfoliator family if you like.

Also, glycolic acid lowers the pH of skin, forcing it to work hard to raise the level back up. Not only does this give the complexion a toning and firming workout, but also encourages the skin's natural production of super-hydrating hyaluronic acid. Phew! That's powerful stuff.

So that's pretty much why this wonder ingredient is ideal for solving a multitude of skin predicaments, and suitable for numerous skin types.

You should always use sun protection we'll have you know! Exposure to UVA/UVB rays is a major cause of premature ageing. So slather that SPF 30+ on people! When using any alpha hydroxy acids it is imperative that you use appropriate sun protection – otherwise you will be undoing all the anti-ageing hard work achieved by your Alpha H products.

Your skin has to deal with genetically inherited problems, natural ageing, hormones and general life aggressors every day. Poor thing! So it's no wonder that pigmentation, acne, lines, wrinkles and dullness can occur. Alpha H gives skin a fighting chance.

Long-time use of the brand prevents the skin from succumbing to external stresses by maintaining a healthy cell renewal process, preventing dead skin build-up, protecting with free-radical fighting antioxidants and constantly stimulating and firming.

Alpha H not only protects, soothes and treats the skin, but most importantly, it teaches it to look after itself, to become stronger in its own right. Sort of like a life coach...for your face.

Due to the active ingredients and nature of the brand, Alpha H products are best suited for 18+ years. However, their Clear Skin collection is suitable for skin as young as 12 years of age. Alpha H firmly believe that the earlier one begins to use effective skincare, the less that premature ageing and skin damage occurs later in life.

As long as their products containing vitamin A and salicylic acid are avoided, then Alpha H can indeed be used during pregnancy. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us for some advice on the best ways to do this. Our friendly customer care team can be contacted on 01179 270 430, via email at

Absolutely not! In fact owner Michelle regularly tests new concoctions on her long-suffering husband Dean for any potential problems. And, having met him, we can confirm that he has really, really good skin!

Alpha H is proudly 100% Australian owned, operated and manufactured.

See individual products on the Bath & Unwind site for usage instructions. We also have some very helpful videos here.

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