Alpha H



Discover what happened when our lovely customer Julie agreed to accompany B&U to the wonderful Fern Skin Clinic in London in London for a tailored Alpha H facial and 3 week skincare prescription. Julie had never before tried this cosmeceutical brand…

Week 1

My skin and I love the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser! It makes my skin feel very soft, and doesn’t leave it dry and taut as some cleansers do.
Next up is the Vitamin C Serum. It says that regular use improves the appearance of wrinkles (Hurrah!), whilst giving the complexion a healthy radiance. I had lunch with a friend today and she remarked that my skin was emitting a glow and how well I was looking. After just a week that is terrific news!
Following the nightly cleanse comes the Micro Cleanse. My t-zone was much better after the facial, so I was really interested to see how long it might take to revert to my blocked pore state. The good news is that it hasn't! My skin still feels and looks amazingly clean and I had no adverse effects there. The skin tingled a bit, but it didn't redden, so I shall continue gently and see what happens.

In summary, I am delighted with how my skin is looking and feeling. Roll on week 2!

Week 2

Well here I am and I think I am still blooming!
Luckily I am short sighted.
The skin on my cheeks looks slightly redder, but I don't think it is the sun as I have been assiduous in applying and reapplying my Alpha H Essential Moisturiser SPF0+ when necessary. I swim 4 times a week, and, considering that chlorine dries the skin, you would never realise it looking at my face. Gold stars all round for this hydrator.
I have been using the Alpha H Micro Cleanse on my t-zone twice a week - (perhaps it should be re-named "Out damned spot" as these pores still don't look clogged) – and once a week on my cheek area. I think gradually gradually there will win the day, and at the moment, for my rosacea-prone cheeks, twice is too much.

Final Week

Well this was a real test this week as we have been in the Rockies on holiday – luckily the Alpha H containers make them really easy to pack. Hiking each day meant my face was exposed to a lot of sunlight and the danger of sunburn was high. Sooooo, how did the products fare in those circumstances? I am totally bowled over by 2 products in particular, the Balancing Cleanser and the Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+. As you can see from the photograph I have not morphed into a beetroot - I felt confident that I was protected, as indeed I was.
In summary: My whole skin feels much softer and smoother, and as one friend said (after a week, see post 1) I looked healthy and glowing, the best she had seen me for ages. Can't wait to see what she says now, as it has definitely got even better. It also looks and feels much cleaner. I know I keep going on about my nose and forehead, which were in compar-ison greasier, with their fair share of blocked pores or blackheads. There are none of the lat-ter and the blocked pores are minimal. AND they do not feel greasy at all. That is a miracle.

All I can say is I feel more confident, because I know I look better. Even my lines seem to be less visible, particularly on my forehead and it has made me dare to have the photos taken bare faced! These are excellent products and I for one will continue to use them. It is very difficult to find beauty products for problem skins that 1) do not irritate and 2) actually do what they claim so thank you for allowing me to test them!

Balancing Cleanser

This is amazing. It feels luxuriant, leaves my skin feeling super clean and you don't need to use huge quantities of it (great when you’re on a bit of a budget). It doesn’t irritate my skin at all, and I would remind you I have acne roseacea (albeit controlled by diet). I am not given to hyperbole but it’s brilliant.

Vitamin C Serum

It absorbed quickly and easily into my skin with no irritation, despite containing hyaluronic acid. It is said to improve the look of dull tired sun damaged and prematurely ageing skin. Well my skin has definitely improved, so it is clearly playing its part. I will continue to use it. What I also like is that it comes in a bottle with a drop dispenser so you can control the amount and lose lots of product at the bottom. The dropper is excellent as you don't need much of the product, so nothing is wasted.

Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+

What I can't get over is that the sunscreen is incorporated into the moisturiser. Up to now I have always had to put one over my moisturiser, not nearly as good and more expensive as one is paying for twice the packaging. Supermarkets eat your hearts out, this really is 2 for the price of 1." I give it 10" as people of my age will remember from Juke Box Jury!

Essential Hydration Cream

I never bothered with a night cream before as I thought it was better to lets your skin breathe at night, but I have to say, my skin does look and feel heaps better since I have followed this regime. It feels very light and, contrary to what I feared, has not clogged my skin so it looks fresher in the morning as a result. It has a very subtle clean smell so there have been no complaints from my husband!

Micro Cleanse

At the risk of sounding like a stuck CD, I cannot fault this. It has not upset my very sensitive skin at all. I have used it once a week and you can see the proof of the pudding by looking (if you can bear it) at the close ups of my nose. I massaged it in on my cheeks as advised for about 30 seconds rising to a minute over the 4 weeks and everywhere else for a couple of minutes. Anyone with normal skin would be able to use it twice a week I am sure.