Alpha H



Discover what happened when our lovely customer Roberta agreed to accompany B&U to the wonderful Fern Skin Clinic in London for a tailored Alpha H facial and 3 week skincare prescription. Roberta had never before tried this cult cosmeceutical brand...



Week 1

By the end of this week, my skin is feeling very soft and healthy. I have had a few breakouts though as you can see in my picture. But I think that this is my skin purging itself. At first I thought that the Alpha H Cleansing oil was a little too oily for my already oily skin! But now that I have been using it continually, I have to say that I think it's great.

Week 2

My skin is definitely smoother and has a glow to it. I'm pleased to say that the milia (small, hard lumps of the protein keratin trapped under the skin) around my eyes, which were extracted during my initial facial, have not returned! And I have a Liquid Gold tip for you…add a couple of drops of the stuff onto any calluses on your feet, wait five minutes, then remove the dead skin with a foot file…lovely soft skin!

Final Week

Week three I have found no change to my skin. It is still breaking out and the pigmentation hasn't reduced either. However, the dark circles under my eyes seem to have reduced slightly which is good, and once makeup is applied they are not visible at all, which is amazingly rare. My skin is still soft and I find it easy to extract any blackheads as the cleanser has made my skin lovely and supple. My complexion also looks plumper and has a healthier glow to it than before.

Overall I found the brand to be pleasant. I will definitely be investing in a couple of products, specifically the Essential Hydration Cream and the Absolute Eye Complex as both have given me results and skin benefits that I would very much like to continue.

Age Delay Cleansing Oil

I like this product for the smell and how soft, smooth and glowy it has left my skin. It makes extractions of blackheads easy, however I don’t feel that it completely cleansed my skin all the time especially when removing makeup, and it did sting my eyes. A little goes a long way though, which makes this product more cost effective too.

Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+

I wasn’t a huge fan of this product. Whilst it didn’t leave a chalky mask on my skin like a lot of sunscreens do, it did leave my skin feeling tacky and a bit gritty. I found that it did not sit well under makeup either. This product did appear to clog my skin too.

Essential Hydration Cream

I love the smell of this product and just how amazing it leaves my skin- incredibly soft, smooth and radiating a glow. The product doesn’t clog my pores or feel gunky on my skin which the majority of moisturisers can. It works brilliantly as a makeup primer and my makeup stays put all day! I think this should be used as a day-time moisturiser with a good sunscreen over the top. I will definitely be purchasing this item again. I can’t find fault!

Absolute Eye Complex

This gel makes my under eyes feel hydrated and look smoother. My dark circles appear to be reduced but further use will be needed to see a marked change. This product is brilliant under my eye makeup and doesn’t cause it to crease, which is fantastic.

Liquid Gold

I liked the tingly feeling it had on my skin and it did appear to help soften and smooth my skin but it also caused it to blemish. I liked that it could be used every other night and for an intensive hit. The product smelt pleasantly of sugar as that’s where glycolic acid comes from. I would have to continue using this product to see just how effective it is and if it was worth purchasing again.