Alpha H


The Story of Alpha H

Michelle's Story

At the heart of Alpha H is the story of brand owner and director, Michelle Doherty. Suffering from chronic cystic acne throughout her twenties seriously affected her confidence and led her to try all kinds of different products, medications and techniques with little success.

"It is my belief that all women and men deserve to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin."

Increasingly frustrated with seeing no results, and seriously disheartened by the apparent apathy and lack of sympathy from various medical professionals, Michelle's life changed almost overnight when she was introduced to fledgling brand Alpha H.

"Alpha H was founded on the promise of replenishing and refining the skin through highly active professional quality skin treatments."

Within four days, her skin had changed dramatically and the continued and sustained improvements so inspired her that she left her job and devoted herself to bring Alpha H to a wider audience. Michelle passionately believes that everybody deserves to feel happy and beautiful in their own skin and, under her auspices, Alpha H constantly strives to create products that will help give noticeable results and increased confidence to men and women everywhere, whatever their skin concern may be.

Why we love Alpha H

Alpha H was founded over 20 years ago, and sprang out of the simple need to find empathetic skin care that produced results. Now this family-run Australian business is a multi-award winner with serious cult status. As well as being won over by their brilliant range of multi-tasking and problem-solving products, we've been inspired by Michelle's journey and her complete dedication to helping others achieve the skin they've always dreamed of.

Why we chose Alpha H

Here at Bath & Unwind, we invest time and effort into finding brands we know will deliver our customers outstanding results. Priding itself on quality and integrity, Alpha H combines intensive research (it was one of the first brands to start using hyaluronic acid in its range over 18 years ago), with the best quality ingredients available on the market. Their commitment to results-driven products, rich in active ingredients that cater to all different skin types, ensured that we simply had to have them on our site.

Why their products work

Right from the outset, Alpha H has been all about visibly improving the skin and boosting customer's self-confidence – just as the brand's very first products did for Michelle. Every product since has been carefully researched and formulated to ensure similar effects. The multi-tasking, professional-grade formulas have caused real waves in the industry and are beloved by beauty bloggers and press everywhere. After Michelle's experiences battling problem skin, she is adamant that the brand will never compromise on the quality and quantity of the active ingredients in the products.

Our hero product

Liquid Gold is a perennial favourite at Bath & Unwind, and no wonder with results akin to an ‘overnight facial'. Not only does it help tackle the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and pigmentation but wonder ingredient glycolic acid helps resurface the skin, brighten and plump for a seriously radiant complexion. Unlike many products on the market, Liquid Gold doesn't simply infuse the skin with goodness, it actively encourages it skin to produce its own moisture and collagen. It works brilliantly as part of a regular beauty routine or can be used as a treatment to target skin concerns as they occur. Not just for use on the face, Liquid Gold can be used on the body to help banish keratosis pilaris (also known as chicken skin). With two bottles of Liquid Gold selling every minute worldwide, now's the time to join the gold rush.