Why we love Barr-Co.

Barr-Co. was created by husband and wife team John Barr and Kelley Hall-Barr, who between them have over twenty years’ experience of making and designing bath products. The products are designed, made and packaged in St Louis, Missouri and nearly all are made by hand.
We love Barr-Co.’s simple and ethical ethos. The family-run business uses no animal products, has reusable or recyclable packaging and importantly, will look fantastic in your home.

Why we chose Barr-Co.

For our buying team, it was love at first sight with Barr-Co. They initially loved how it looks and after getting a chance to try some of the products, loved the feel and scent of the range. Perfect whether treating yourself or a loved one, the Barr-Co. products are just a little bit indulgent, adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Why their products work

The range is designed, made and packaged in St Louis, so there is a great amount of control over the quality of the finished products. Barr-Co. use naturally sourced ingredients wherever possible, use no animal products or petroleum bases, and none of their products are tested on animals.

Our hero product

With plant extracts and soothing botanicals, Barr-Co. Bubble Elixir will gently cleanse your skin as it envelops you in its clean fresh scent. Perfect for a spirit boosting bath.