When beauty meets health meets wellness. 

Inspired by Chinese medicine, HAYO’U is a ground-breaking self-treatment method which enables you to master your health. They believe that poor skin and low energy levels can be dramatically improved by combating stress on a daily basis. HAYO’U's products are designed to aid relaxation and help the free-flow of circulation, detoxification and reduction of inflammation.

Their massage rituals use an ancient Chinese technique called Gua Sha, a simple press stroke action with the understanding that encouraging your own skin's circulation, is a more deep and meaningful way to improve your skin health than applying creams and serums. 

Why we chose HAYO'U

  • They promote a sense of wellness and beauty through one-minute skincare rituals
  • They use ancient Chinese medicine techniques to fit into modern living
  • They have specialist knowledge and experience in holistic therapies


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