Founded in 2016, Kalmar first started as a luxury resortwear brand, but has since created a beauty collection that re-iterates all of their key values. Designed to promote a sense of self-care and wellness, Kalmar's beauty range roots itself in the power of the senses, using smell, sight, hearing and touch, that tap into your mind and body to promote a sense of joy, peace, calm and love. Featuring a collection of body oils, creams and candles, all infused with carefully selected fragrances designed to uplift, re-balance and engerise, they're the go to brand for your soul and senses. 

Why we chose Kalmar

  • Deep rooted in promoting a sense of wellness through the power of our senses
  • They feature complex blends of fragrances to transform how you feel
  • They vow to change the way you feel everyday through self-care, intention and discovery

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