Eye Of Horus Liquid Define Liner

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About Eye Of Horus Liquid Define Liner

A fine precision pen liner that helps you draw a think or thick line in one sweep.

With a high pigment, waterproof formulation and a dry finish that won't imprint on the lid, it instantly defines the eyes for a natural or dramatic look.

Available in two shades, long lasting and smudge proof.

Eye Of Horus Liquid Define Liner Reviews


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    A 5 star review

    Posted by A beauty lover on 17th Jul 2018

    This eyeliner is up there with Kat Von D's (my holy grail), the tip of this pen is paintbrush style but is a lot more solid than Kat Von D's which is fully like a paintbrush. The pigment is so black, which is excellent. I also did a shower test (I go into the shower with it on).... IT. DID. NOT. BUDGE. YAS. But, it does come off very easily with makeup remover

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    A 4 star review

    Posted by A beauty lover on 13th Jan 2017

    I give this product a is easy to use...smudge proof...very precise....and creates a dark & edgy look. I've only put it on once and it was less than an hour of wear time so I can't testify to the longevity of it but I was super impressed the moment I put it on...I have tried virtually every brand from low end to high end and this is the best by far.

  • 4
    A 4 star review

    Posted by A beauty lover on 10th Jan 2017

  • 4
    A 4 star review

    Posted by Lily from Bristol on 15th Dec 2016

    Goes on smoothly but doesn't last for very long.

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    A 3 star review

    Posted by Tania from Surrey on 27th May 2016

    I'm constantly searching for the perfect eyeliner and alas this isn't it. It is true that it doesn't drag along the skin, but it doesn't give much by way of liquid through the tip so you have to go over again and again to get the thickness/cover you want. Plus I'm the worst for accidentally rubbing my eyes and it does come off quite easily. I've heard Illamasqua's illustrator pen has better staying power so that will be my next purchase/move. The search continues...