John Masters Organics Combo Paddle Brush

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Now: £22.40
Hair Concern:
Breakage and split ends
Hair type:
Suitable for:
Brushes and combs
Suitable for:
Styling tools
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About John Masters Organics Combo Paddle Brush

This professional-quality combination bristle brush from John Masters is made of a mixture of natural boar bristle and ionic bristles for faster drying and easier brushing.

Boar bristles are excellent at distributing natural oils found in the scalp to the tip of the hair, for a healthy shine and to help prevent build up, keeping the scalp clean. The ionic bristles are infused with tourmaline, a natural mineral which creates negative ions which help dry the hair faster.

Directions For Use

Manually remove hair, lint and other debris from bristles to avoid accumulation and keep the brush clean. Rinse in warm soapy water and pat dry.