Korres Quince Lip Balm

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These ultra-buttery lip balms from the world renowned Korres brand are perfect for softening dry lips and imparting beautiful, natural sheen, whilst bursting with a delicious scent. Each lip butter has its own unique formulation and shade.
With a wonderfully light texture, they melt on the lips and offer a shiny, tinted finish making them ideal for taking you from day to night. 
With a combination of shea butter and rice wax, they offer deep hydration and softness, whilst protecting the lips. Shea butter is often used to protect from environmental aggressors and UV rays, whilst rice wax is used to help cosmetics melt, making them work seamlessly with your skins natural state. 
Also available in other colours here. 

Directions For Use

Apply lightly with finger tips as and when needed.

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