Merkur & Dovo

Merkur & Dovo Bestsellers:

Why we love Merkur & Dovo

Dovo was founded in Solingen, Germany in 1906 by Carl Dorp and Carl Arthur Voos (Dovo is made up of the first two letters of their surnames), and began by manufacturing top quality open razors. The company was taken over by Fritz Bracht shortly before WWII. Bracht expanded the product range when the company suffered from the rise of the electric razor, launching a line of professional hot-forged hairdressing scissors. Merkur were bought by Dovo in 1996, and since then their shaving equipment has grown in popularity.
We love the heritage of Merkur & Dovo, and how you can rely on every product being of the highest quality. We also love that Merkur & Dovo products can be used to make shaving more of a ritual rather than a chore, enabling you to use the time to prepare for, or unwind from, the day's events.

Why we chose Merkur & Dovo

In the last decade or so, as wet shaving has again become popular, men around the world have turned to Merkur & Dovo, confident in the quality of the tools. The male members of the Bath & Unwind team had heard about the brand through the shaving industry press and jumped at the chance to try the products out. After hearing their glowing reviews, we knew the brand would fit in.

Why their products work

Merkur & Dovo shaving tools are made with steel that has a minimum carbon content of 0.6%, meaning the material is wear-resistant and hard yet elastic where needed. The processes that the steel items go through during production ensure the finished products fulfil their intended purpose as efficiently, comfortably and stylishly as possible.

Our hero product

The Futur Razor is one of Merkur & Dovo's bestselling products, and is an ideal introduction to the brand. The razor is weighted and subsequently provides a solid but balanced shave, and has an adjustable blade system for better contact.