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Why we love Philip Kingsley

This is a brand with some serious heritage. Not only has Philip Kingsley been a trichological consultant since 1957, opened clinics in London and New York due to popular demand and earned himself the nickname 'hair guru', he even created his amazing Elasticizer product specifically for one of our Bath & Unwind icons, Audrey Hepburn! We're very excited to bring a range of products with such expertise behind them to our site.

Why we chose Philip Kingsley

We love that Philip truly understands the relationship between our hair and our happiness -if hair looks good it imparts confidence. This approach has resulted in a haircare range that can be tailored to the individual’s unique needs. Whether tresses are fine or coarse, sun-damaged, frizzy or a mixture of everything, there is a product to cater to it. With biodegradable packaging and products that have never been tested on animals, this brand has a serious feel-good factor.

Why their products work

Every offering from Philip Kingsley is based on a wealth of experience and a lifetime listening to clients in his dedicated trichological clinics. They have inspired a loyal following with nourishing formulas that tend to hair from root to tip.

Our hero product

Everyone should have a Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in their bathroom! This super-moisturising, movie-star approved treatment produces visible results and enhances elasticity, bounce and shine. This product works wonders on locks that have been frequently coloured or styled and for extra dry, porous or thirsty hair there’s even Elasticizer Extreme. If it’s good enough for Audrey Hepburn then it’s good enough for us.