Thalgo Activ Draining

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About Thalgo Activ Draining

Ideal for eliminating water and fat, this Activ Draining is part of Thalgos figure refining range. 
It can also be used as a food supplement to increase vitamin C levels to help fight fatigue. 

Directions For Use

1-2 capfuls per day.

Ingredients in Thalgo Activ Draining

Water plant glycerolconcentrated blackcurrant juice plant extracts:dry hibiscus sabdariffa hibiscus flower extractdry ilex paraguariensis mate leaf extractdry equisetum arvense horsetail stem extractflavouringcitric acidbeetroot red "vitamin c complexincluding ascorbic acid"dry ascophyllum nodosum algae extractacesulfame potassiumsucralosepotassium sorbatesodium benzoate.

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