The Handmade Soap Co.


Why we love The Handmade Soap Co.

A visit to an Australian market sparked Irish couple Donagh Quigley and Gemma McGowan’s interest in handmade soap which they found cleared Donagh’s mild psoriasis. The Handmade Soap Co. was founded in 2009 after Donagh turned his attention to creating the perfect soap when his thatching business suffered during the economic downturn.
We love how The Handmade Soap Co. has grown from its humble origins and how the products have been designed from the desire to create an effective yet fun collection.

Why we chose The Handmade Soap Co.

After receiving some products to test, the girls in the Bath & Unwind office fell in love with The Handmade Soap Co. From its vintage style packaging to the beautiful fragrances of the products, this is a brand that would be great to give as a gift (but one you’ll want to keep for yourself!).

Why their products work

In his bid to make the perfect soap, Donagh Quigley studied soap production with various experts in the USA and UK. The Handmade Soap Co. doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products, using the finest ingredients to create effective, gentle products.

Our hero product

Carbolic soap used to be widely available; it is mildly antiseptic and has a sweet, tarry smell. As it kills bacteria on the skin, it helps deodorise when used on the body when bathing. The Handmade Soap Co. have revamped this classic without the need for animal fats and it comes in a retro box for ultimate nostalgia.
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