Tweezerman Facial DermaPlaner

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About Tweezerman Facial DermaPlaner

Tweezerman's Facial DermaPlaner is a professional quality, at home hair removal tool that doubles up as an exfoliator. When used in an upwards motion the DermaPlaner removes Vellus hair or "Peach Fuzz". The petite design is specially designed to maintain the blade at a 90 degree angle and the petite size fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The tool comes with four blades & each blade can be used for up to three months.

Directions For Use

Prep the skin by washing the face with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Hold the tool flat against the surface of the skin with the blade at a 90 degree angle. Move tool gently with light pressure and short strokes in a downward motion to exfoliate

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