Cowshed Bestsellers:

Why we love Cowshed

Situated in the former cowshed at Babington House in Somerset, the original Cowshed Spa launched its first collection of natural, therapeutic products in 1998, initially for use with the treatments they offered. Since then both products and spa locations have increased in number and Cowshed have become a truly international company, with satisfied cowstomers from as far afield as Berlin and Miami enjoying a taste of the Somerset countryside.


We love that Cowshed have developed a collection of high quality products that are so much fun to use and give as gifts, while ensuring they stick to their principles in terms of sustainability, ethically sourced ingredients and avoidance of synthetics. We also love the idiosyncratic names they have bestowed upon the different product lines, which actually help you choose the fragrance to go for. Whether you are looking to cheer up, relaxwake up or create a romantic atmosphere, you can simply shop according to your mood.


Why we chose Cowshed

Here at Bath & Unwind HQ we had been hearing good things about the Cowshed range for a while so, with Somerset conveniently just down the road from us in Bristol, we sent a lucky member of the team on a well-earned spa day to try out the products. Needless to say she was very impressed with the Cowshed collection and was eager to introduce it to our customers so you can recreate the pampering Cowshed Spa experience any time, from the comfort of your own home.


Why their products work

The key to the effectiveness of the Cowshed collection is the thought that has been put into formulating the products, and the fact that Cowshed will absolutely not compromise on the quality of the ingredients they use. Their philosophy is to use fairly traded, sustainably sourced and organic plant extracts and botanicals, leaving out anything that could irritate sensitive and young skins. Cowshed make their entire collection right here in England, and with each product containing a high ratio of essential oils the therapeutic effect is to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.


Our hero product

We love the whole Cowshed range so choosing a favourite was a hard decision, but we have agreed on the Pocket Cow Bath & Body Set, which makes an ideal gift for a frequent traveller. Containing shampooconditioner and a range of bath and body products in a reusable travel bag, the set is a great introduction to the different fragrances in the Cowshed collection.