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Why we love Kérastase

The Kérastase journey began in Europe in 1964, before expanding to Japan in 1990 and America in 1999. With over 50 years of experience (from the obsession with hair fashion and trends in the 1970s, through concern with the beauty and condition of locks in the 1980s, to the noughtie’s emphasis on embracing and enhancing hair individuality), Kérastase has experienced, and indeed pioneered, the way we think about our tresses today,
We love this brand because of its dedication to creating products based on honest research. The company is always at the forefront of technology-driven haircare and styling and as a result, offers vast ranges for every hair type imaginable.
Hair products don’t come more tailored than Kérastase – they aren’t simply categorised under dry or greasy or long hair, but by the different hair types within those groups. Think oily roots with dry ends, oily roots with very dry ends, dry hair with frizz, dry hair with curl, dry hair with curl and frizz…the list is endless.

Why we chose Kérastase

You know you’re onto a good thing when beauty editors and celebrities genuinely love a brand. Kérastase has a huge cult following despite its rare billboard and TV commercial appearances. Its products and ranges have won some quite prestigious awards in their time, it is the leading quality haircare brand in the UK, oh, and is one of the most frequently searched for brands on our site.

Why their products work

Kérastase is all about research, research, research. With over 700 scientists from over 60 different nations dedicated exclusively to research, the brand is the ultimate go-to for innovative products. They were the first brand to create complete collections for dry hair, and speciality products for oily roots and dry ends.
So that’s high-tech molecular complexes, potent active ingredients, and advanced haircare formulations all bottled and ready for you to fall in love with.

Our hero product

It is virtually impossible to select a particular hero product from the brand as they have so many, catering for so many individual hair types. But if we simply must choose something, it would have to be the Nutritive Range. Perfect for all degrees of dry and sensitive hair - from fine to thick, to wavy and curly, to slightly dry, to very dry - there is something for everyone here…and the scent is divine.