Rituals Bestsellers:

Why we love Rituals

Rituals has a philosophy that happiness can be found in the smallest things and we couldn’t agree more. Since Raymond Cloosterman founded the brand in 2000, it has been creating luxurious products designed to turn every-day routines into relaxing and meaningful experiences. Their holisitic product range (it covers everything from body and facial care, organic cotton ware, perfumes, scented candles, gemstone makeup and even tea!) really chimes with the Bath & Unwind philosophy of rejuvenating and therapeutic beauty so we were delighted to welcome them to our site.

Why we chose Rituals

We love that all their products are inspired by authentic Eastern rituals like the Hamman steam bath, the shaving ceremony of the Japanese Samurai and the gemstone body massage. It’s all about the overall experience, from the efficacy of the product right down to the sensory importance of a beautiful fragrance. The brand also takes pride in crafting a range that is environmentally aware and never tested on animals.

Why their products work

Rituals’ approach means their range combines not only beauty wisdom that has been passed down over centuries, but also the most effective modern formulas. The brand runs five city spas and works closely with dermatologists and perfumers to ensure each product is made to the highest standard possible. They strive to use natural, renewable and organic ingredients, and even test their products on willing volunteers before they reach stores.

Our hero product

We’re all about injecting a bit of spa chic into our lives and the Pure Rose Home Fragrance Sticks never fail to deliver. Let the opulent fragrance of rose fill your room, perfect for creating a calming atmosphere.