MOP Bestsellers:

Why we love this brand

Modern Organic Products are designed to provide modern, simple and natural solutions for the cleansing, treatment and finishing of all hair types. The inclusion of organic and food-derived ingredients provides nutrition for healthy hair and scalp as well as protection from environmental shields. Mop's sophisticated series of hair care accommodates the modern, value driven customer seeking product purity without sacrificing luxury.

Why they were selected

Mop products are a welcome addition to our growing range of natural brands at Bath & Unwind. They have evolved as a unique offering, for customers seeking a natural yet luxurious alternative in hair care. The founder of MOP, David Raccuglia, is a renowed stylist and also the CEO and founder of American Crew, which we also stock at Bath & Unwind. David launched MOP in 1998 as a response to the growing need for organic choices that don't require a sacrifice in product performance. With that in mind, they developed their line with a conscious eye on intergraing modern technology with the time-honoured, proven benefits associated with organic and food-based ingredients. Mop does not preform or condone animal testing on any products.

Why this brand is best at what they do

Mop have learned that you can feed your hair just as you do your body. Food provides nutrients to quickly and effectively nourish and restructure hair, restoring it to a natural state of health. Their vision of modern organics reflects a movement to smarter lifestyle choices- choices that respect our earth and its future, choices that promote good health and well-being.
Mop's increasingly progressive product formulations are a direct result of scientific advancement. This is evident in their shift to sustainable modern preservative systems. The evolution of the brand is also reflected in the expansion of their three primary 
categories. C-system, the most recent category introduction, relies on the latest laboratory innovations, including sulfate-free cleaning systems and antioxidant protection to ensure colour preservation. Mop represents beauty in balance with nature. With features in in many Top High Street magazines such as, Celebrity Hairstyles, Hair, More and Cosmopolitan, its no surprise that Mop is one of the leading organic hair care brands.

Hero product

Mop Orange Peel Molding Cream is our best seller at Bath & Unwind. This top selling molding cream is used for separation that holds and won't break down throughout the day. Certified organic licorice and orange peel produce a textured look to add depth with a matte finish to modern hair. It allows you to mold and shape your hair leaving little shine. Order yours today and shape up.