American Crew

American Crew Bestsellers:

Why we love American Crew

In the mid-90s stylist David Raccuglia recognised the growing market in male grooming and, after securing modest investment, produced the first run of American Crew shampoo. He was determined that men should have a range of products designed specifically for their grooming needs without compromising masculinity. Now two decades later American Crew is one of the leading salon brands for men. The company is committed to men’s grooming, and strive to provide a great new salon experience and ways for men to incorporate style into their everyday lives.
We love the brand for providing men with a stylish and effective range of products, and responding to that fact that male grooming has unique requirements. They have also helped us out by solving many birthday and Christmas gift dilemmas for the men in our lives!

Why we chose American Crew

We chose American Crew because, as one of the original brands catering for the male grooming market, it sets the benchmark for men’s salon brands, and its popularity around the world is testament to the effectiveness of the products.

Why their products work

The American Crew range offers solutions to the unique grooming problems faced by men on a daily basis. They achieve this through constant interaction with stylists and clients in the salon, and using feedback to develop and refine products so they continue to meet the needs of users.

Our hero product

Winner of FHM Best Hairstyling Award 2006, Fiber has been one of our bestselling products since we launched the American Crew range in 2005. It gives strong, pliable hold with a natural finish and can be used to manipulate hair into a variety of styles. Fiber contains ingredients that actually condition the hair and protect against moisture loss, and it can be reworked throughout the day to freshen up the style.