Reward Points

Earn Reward Points when you shop or complete activities onsite. Here's how it works:

  1. Create an account
    We'll give you 350 Reward Points as a welcome gift
  2. Start earning
    £1 spent = 5 Reward Points.
    Plus, see below for other easy ways to earn
  3. Redeem your rewards
    Convert your Reward Points to vouchers and use them at checkout

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Ways to earn


How to redeem

Once you’ve collected at least 500 Reward Points, you can redeem voucher codes which you can then use at checkout. There is a minimum spend of £30 to use a voucher code. The following vouchers can be redeemed:


Frequently asked questions

Do Reward Points expire?

Your Reward Points are valid indefinitely.

Can Reward Points be used together with a discount code?

Only one code can be used at once.

Can I combine spend from multiple accounts into a single account?

Your Reward Points are tied to your specific email address, so they cannot be transferred between accounts.

How does Refer a Friend work?

Send your friend your unique referral link and when they visit the site via the referral link, they get a voucher code for £10 off when they spend £30 onsite. If they shop and use that code, you get a £10 off voucher code too (same minimum spend of £30 applies).

What happens when I return items or cancel an order.

If you return your purchase and/or receive a refund, the points you'd earned on that order will automatically be removed.