Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Reed Diffuser

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About Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Reed Diffuser

About Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Reed Diffuser

This bestselling Neom reed diffuser creates a deep calming aroma to help relax the mind and induce a restful night’s sleep.

From Neom’s Scent to Sleep range, this tranquillity diffuser is free from artificial ingredients and made from sustainable origins to bring you the purest and most nurturing experience. With its perfectly balanced fragrance, it gently fills the air to calm and relax both the mind and body making it ideal for creating a warm, comforting and sleep inducing environment. Tranquillity epitomises quietness, serenity and peace, making this diffuser perfect for anyone suffering with insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, or just in need of de-stressing before bed, it really can transform your mood.

This luxurious tranquil inducing oil contains a unique and therapeutic blend of 19 essential oils including:

  • English Lavender - renowned for its stress relieving properties
  • Sweet Basil - known for its cleansing properties
  • Pretty Jasmine – known for its mood lifting properties

With both a clean and soothing scent it creates a pure and heavenly ambiance in your home. Especially ideal for use in a bedroom, the sensual blend is housed in a translucent glass bottle with a beach wood cap and dark wood reeds.

Why choose a Reed Diffuser?

Diffusers are a popular alternative to burning candles, by dispersing scent into the air naturally, they avoid unwanted soot and smoke, and most importantly, they are free from the risk of fire.

To lull you into an even better sleep, use with the Neom Tranquility Bath and Shower Oil.

we also recommend the Neom Organics Tranquility Candle as an alternative, it has all the same benefits of the reed diffuser, but you have control over the burning time. 

The Neom Brand

Neom are dedicated to inspiring and promoting a healthier life, priding themselves on creating natural and holistic products that support sleep quality, stress levels, energy and moods, in a truly organic and empowering way.

Founded by aromatherapy expert Nicola Elliot in 2005, it is centred on the ‘Science of Scent’ therapy, a theory that the sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of emotions and memories, and is passionate about women’s wellbeing. Neom is dedicated to championing women to press pause, and take time to improve their overall mind and body. Their reed diffusers, like all of their products, are made with the finest 100% natural ingredients and are infused with 20-25ml of essential oils to instantly change your mood and fill the air with natural goodness.