Phyto Bestsellers:

Why we love the brand

Phyto is the story of a man and his 40-year-long twin passion for plants and hair. It is this passion which is so evident in his products that we felt compelled to include them in our haircare range. Using plant-based extracts adapted to every different type of hair and problem they are committed to creating ecologically ethical and environmentally sustainable hair care which treats and restores hair leaving it feeling healthy and glowing.

Why this brand works

Phyto focuses on 3 ecological commitments; respect for the plant world, respect for hair and respect for the environment. It is these three elements which make this brand one of the leading hair care ranges at Bath & Unwind, and an expert in the science behind using plants to provide and maintain beautiful, healthy hair.
With a desire to use renewable resources to not only produce their hair care formulae, but also their packaging by utilising recyclable materials, Phyto are a pioneering company with an inspirational and uplifting message; delivering beautiful, healthy hair through plants.
Patrick Ales, the visionary pioneer behind Phyto, has spent a lifetime putting all of nature’s secrets to work in the name of beauty. By using techniques such as their unique extraction processes, which preserves the quality of the active ingredients within the plants, hair’s health and natural beauty can be restored and maintained.

Why we chose Phyto

Whether it is a specific treatment for an oily scalp or a daily regime to ensure healthy hair, Phtyo’s innovative products are designed with every type of hair in mind. With beauty must-haves adapted to your needs, such as Phyto’s Styling products and Phyto Plage for the sun and beach, their ranges guarantee to combine beauty, usability and efficiency through highly concentrated plant ingredients.
Ensuring beautiful hair on a daily basis, their tailor-made hair care programmes are clinically proven to provide long-lasting results through their commitment to using only natural formulae with high plant concentrations (essential oils, combination of pure oils, fresh plant extracts, use of floral or reverse osmosis waters).

Our hero product

With so many specific products to treat any and every type of hair, an all-rounder HAS to be our must-have product. PhytoProgenium Intelligent Shampoo is an advanced shampoo for all hair types.
Using their revolutionary patented ingredient Progenium, this balances the scalp and reinforces its self-defence against daily elements such as hard-water and pollution while preserving the development of beneficial germs.
The formula of active softening ingredients such as oat, almond milk and a decoction of marshmallow root (44%) combined with antioxidant rich olive leaf extract, makes it an excellent choice for a daily shampoo.