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Why we love this brand

Since Scottish Fine Soaps launched their BotanicalRange in the 1970s, they have always, where possible, used quality natural extracts in their products. Natural ingredients such as Organic Milk, Honey, Cocoa and Shea Butter are incorporated to increase the excellence of their range. Their unique fragrances are created with meticulous detail to ensure well-being and luxury and the wonderful fragrances are chosen to compliment the natural ingredients contained within the products.

Why they were specially selected

Scottish Fine Soaps was established in 1974 by Derek Ross with a vision "to create exquisite aromatic bath and body products for the discerning customer, to promote well-being for the mind and body as well as a truly luxurious and pampering experience.” Their three core values of Quality, Luxury and Heritage are still at the core of Scottish Fine Soaps today, inspiring Bath & Unwind to add this premium brand to our collection.

Why this brand are the best at what they do

Scottish Fine Soaps use their strong heritage as the benchmark to drive their vision, with a proud history that has seen two generations of the Ross Family involved in soap manufacturing for over 35 years. Their expertise combined with their excellence in their field, has given Scottish Fine Soaps a foundation on which to build a brand thathas become synonymous with quality and luxury.

Our hero product

Au Lait Replenishing Body Milk is a luxurious range of bath and body formulations enriched with the natural goodness of Milk.

Au lait Replenishing Body Milk

"I love products that contain milk; not only is the fragrance comforting, but milk really is a great skin healer. Its ability to absorb and retain moisture makes it ideal for my dry skin. This product is enriched with Royal Jelly containing all the ‘B' vitamins that are great for skin. I feel relaxed, soothed and moisturised after bathing – exactly what I need after a long day in the office!” Vicky, Bath & Unwind