Denman Natural Bristle Grooming Brush

Suitable for:
Brushes and combs
Suitable for:
Styling tools
Product ID: 758

About Denman Natural Bristle Grooming Brush

Medium-sized Grooming Brush featuring tufts of soft nylon, or natural, bristle in a soft rubber, air-cushioned base. Lightweight, perfectly balanced handles provide excellent grip and control for comfortable use. Good for grooming longer hair, smoothing and adding shine, removing tangles, and preparing hair before shampooing.

Bristle choice:
1. Porcupine effect: with natural bristle and single nylon quill for grooming and conditioning. Comes in a choice of small or medium sizes.
2. Natural Wild Boar Bristle. For smoothing, polishing and adding condition and shine. Particularly suitable for fine hair.