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Why we love Dr.Hauschka

The Dr.Hauschka skincare line was created by German chemist Dr Rudolf Hauschka and cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund, and launched in 1967 by holistic pharmaceutical firm WALA. Hauschka had met Rudolf Steiner in 1924 at an anthroposophical summer conference, and was heavily influenced by his philosophies regarding the rhythms and cycles of nature. Hauschka believed this also applied to skincare, and felt products should allow skin to function as it should, assisting and supporting rather than taking over.


Realising that for a truly holistic approach they needed to know the origins of their ingredients, WALA itself began cultivating land adjacent to its headquarters. This practice continues today, using biodynamic and sustainable farming methods to grow over 150 different plants. Any ingredients sourced externally are subject to strict criteria and quality testing, in order for the finished products to be BDIH certified.


We love the history and heritage of the Dr.Hauschka collection, and that a considerable amount of time and research has gone into the development of every product. As one of the original natural beauty brands, Dr.Hauschka was incredibly innovative in developing natural products before they became fashionable, motivated purely by a genuine desire to align the health and care of the skin.


Why we chose Dr. Hauschka

With growing numbers of reportedly natural skincare products on the market, we decided to listen to our customers to see what they recommended. Dr.Hauschka was one of the most popular brands you were searching for on Bath & Unwind, and after we tried out some of the products we understood why. We were excited to begin stocking Dr.Hauschka products at the end of 2009, and since then the collection has been very well received.


In addition to an effective and enduring range of products, the Dr.Hauschka philosophy has also influenced the ethos of the company so it operates with a strong sense of corporate and social responsibility. Environmental protection is a key concern, and there is a strong commitment to employees with the company subsidising sustainable transport and education, and running a profit share scheme. We are proud to have a brand with such a strong sense of responsibility to its customers, employees and the environment in our portfolio.


Why their products work

The attention and care Dr.Hauschka put into their products starts at the basic level of the ingredients they select, which are grown to specific standards. The products contain no genetically modified ingredients, or synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives. This passion for only the best ingredients is combined with an approach to skincare where the products have been developed to help the skin function as it should, to aid with self-regeneration rather than simply treating the symptoms of skin problems in isolation.


Our hero product

Using conventional products to treat oily and blemished skin tends to strip away oil, causing your skin to react by producing more. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, using certain types of plant based oil actually helps regulate oil levels. Treating like with like is one of the key principles of the Dr.Hauschka skincare line, and the Clarifying Day Oil is perfect for treating and caring for oily skin. In addition to regulating oil production, the ingredients in this product reduce inflammation and help soothe troubled skin. It can also be mixed with Revitalising Day Cream for combination skin and Rose Day Cream for sensitive skin.