Floral Street Mini Scented Candle Discovery Set

Product ID: 10059

About Floral Street Mini Scented Candle Discovery Set

Having a hard time choosing your favourite candle online? We have just the thing for you.

This Discovery Set features 4 best-selling home scents. Each mini candle has a 4-hour burn time, so you can fill your home with 16 hours of scented joy. Perfect for discovering your favourites or for the ultimate scented gift.  


  • Grapefruit Bloom: Your morning meditation, in candle form. Pure, crisp, calm and soft
  • Vanilla Bloom: Vanilla like you’ve never smelt before. Bold, original, loud and proud
  • Wonderland Bloom: Armfuls of pink peonies, a fantasy of a fragrance. Playful, chic, delicate and dreamy
  • Midnight Tulip: The exclamation mark of candles, unapologetically bold. Glamorous, unapologetic, mystical and enigmatic