Mauli Rituals Grow Strong Hair Oil

Hair Concern:
Dandruff and psoriasis
Hair Concern:
Thinning and hair loss
Hair Concern:
Fine and limp hair
Hair Concern:
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About Mauli Rituals Grow Strong Hair Oil

This hero oil combines bhringraj (eclipta alba) and Flame Of The Forest to strengthen hair from root to tip preventing premature greying, hair loss and dandruff. The properties of amla (Indian gooseberry) protects the hair and promotes growth, whilst the hair loving nutrients contained in Moringa will make lackluster hair appear full and glossy.

Mauli Rituals are inspired by the active healing powers and exquisite scents found in India's natural ingredients to provide beautiful luxury products formulated to rejuvenate the body and soothe the mind. In India they believe it is important to use oil to nourish the hair as we believe in moisturiser to nourish the skin.

Directions For Use

Apply 2-3 drops along sections of brushed, parted hair and massage as if shampooing to cover roots and scalp, working oil through to ends. This can be used as an overnight treatment to deeply nourish, although we recommend you use a towel, or as a 2 hour leave in treatment. Wash hair as normal either in the morning or after the 2 hours.

Ingredients in Mauli Rituals Grow Strong Hair Oil

Oils of sesame, coconut, moringa, flame of the forest and argan. amla, bhringraj, brahmi, hibiscus, chhota chirayta, manjistha, vitamin e, grapefruit, cedarwood and tumeric leaf.