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About Mauli Rituals Trio of Therapeutic Oils

This trio of therapeutic oils have been masterfully blended by Mauli's passionate artisans to help restore balance. Whether you are feeling lethargic or stressed, this collection has an oil for you.  

Feeling low and listless? Spirited helps to alleviate flu-like symptoms, lethargy and even relieve joint pain. Find a piece of calm with Serenity, the blissful blend of evening primrose, almond and jojoba is ideal when you are feeling overwhelmed or frazzled to help soothe mind, muscles and eases inflamed skin. Finally,  Surrender, when you simply need to let go. The calming blend of chamomile, frankincense, geranium and vertiver helps to relax your adrenals and nervous system to ensure a blissful slumber.   

The beautiful packaging makes this a sumptuous gift for a loved one in need of some time to unwind & TLC. 


Directions For Use

Determine how you are feeling and pick the appropriate oil. Warm a little in your hands before beginning to lovingly massage your whole body, starting from your feet and working up towards your middle before moving to arms, shoulders, the back of your neck and ears.