P.F. No. 11 Amber & Moss Room Spray

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About P.F. No. 11 Amber & Moss Room Spray

Bring the wonderfully natural, calming and refreshing scents of the mountains indoors with this amber and moss scented room spray. 

Designed to evoke a feeling of the mountains and sun gleaming through the canopy, this light and comforting spray is enriched with the natural scents of sage, moss, lavender and amber, all the scents that remind you of the great outdoors. Perfect for spritzing into the air, on bedding, cushions, clothing or furniture, this light and fine mist instantly refreshes, and creates a bright and airy aroma in your home. Packaged in a retro apothecary bottle, it also makes the ideal home gift for someone special!

Key benefits

  • Refreshing room & linen spray 
  • Ideal for use on fabrics like bedding, clothes or furniture
  • Infused with natural and cleansing aroma's of sage, moss, lavender and amber
  • Makes the perfect gift
  • Packaged in an amber glass bottle

How to use P.F. No. 04 Teakwood & Tobacco Room Spray

  1. To freshen up a space, linens or inside a wardrobe - spritz a few times
  2. The scent lasts longest when sprayed directly only fabrics, blankets, pillows or clothing
  3. Not suitable for use on leather products due to it's water base formula
  4. It's recommended to test on an inconspicuous part of any textile first

About P.F. Candle Co.

The entire P.F. collection is vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free — always. All their candles use 100% domestically-grown soy wax. While their production methods have improved over the years, something that hasn't changed about P.F. products is the people behind them. All of their products are developed, produced, tested, packed, and shipped by their team out of their warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.

Ingredients in P.F. No. 11 Amber & Moss Room Spray

Each amber glass bottle contains a 7.75 fl oz blend of body-safe fine fragrance oils and water.