St Eval Candle Tranquility Reed Diffuser Set

Made in the UK
Product ID: 4395

About St Eval Candle Tranquility Reed Diffuser Set

Create a calming and relaxing ambiance in your home with this beautiful reed diffuser. 
Infused with a soothing blend of lavender, orange and ylang ylang, it's perfect for use in a bedroom or lounge to help cleanse the air and promote a tranquil environment. It is also presented in a frosted glass bottle with the St Eval Candle logo on it. 
  • Fragrance Oil - 150ml
  • Rattan Reeds - x 10
  • Frosted glass display bottle

Key benefits

  • Infused with lavender, orange and ylang ylang scents
  • Perfect for use in the bedroom or lounge
  • Creates a calming and tranquil environment
  • Ideal alternative to burning a candle
  • Makes the ideal gift

How to use St Eval Tranquility Reed Diffuser

  1. Decant the oil from the bottle into the display bottle
  2. Insert the reeds and enjoy
  3. To extend the use of the reeds, turn them carefully every so often to boost the scent
  4. Refill the display bottle when needed

Ingredients in St Eval Candle Tranquility Reed Diffuser Set

MMB: (3-Methoxy-3-Methyl-1Butanol) Fragrance: Eugenol, Coumarin, Cinnamyl, alcohol.