Tweezerman No-Slip Skincare Tool

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Knurled body for more control. Angled loop is designed to gently roll out whiteheads. Flat side works to press out blackheads. Solid Stainless Steel.
Clean with cotton and alcohol.

Directions For Use

First disinfect or sterilize tool. Use a hot towel to open pores or after steamy shower, facial sauna.
For whiteheads: Wait until the whitehead breaks open the skin. Then gently roll the wire over the whitehead.
For blackheads: Press down the flat side directly over blackhead to gently remove. Disinfect area when finished.

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  • 3
    A 3 star review

    Posted by Tatiana from Chisinau on 2nd Jun 2015

  • 5
    A 5 star review

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2013

    Useful for getting out blackheads and clearing spots without damaging the skin too much. Careful overpickers, it can get a bit addictive >_<

  • 4
    A 4 star review

    Posted by Anastasija from London on 10th Mar 2013

    This is handy if you want to get rid of those random spots. It doesn't leave your skin as red and damaged, however, I think I need more practise with this tool to make the most of it!

  • 5
    A 5 star review

    Posted by Tilly from Bristol on 5th Oct 2012

    I can't rate this product highly enough! Five stars is not enough, I absolutely love it! It can look a bit scary but it is so easy to use and does a brilliant job of removing black heads. I used to use the nose strips but found them expensive to keep buying, where as you can use the No-Slip skincare tool over and over. Its best to use it after a hot shower or after steaming your face so that your pores are open and then you slide it over the blackhead with a little pressure. I must admit I find it very satisfying to use and warn it can be become slightly addictive (or maybe that's just me). Fab product.

  • 4
    A 4 star review

    Posted by Emelyn from VICTORIA on 21st Aug 2012

    Haven't really used it yet but my sister has and she LOVES it lol

  • 2
    A 2 star review

    Posted by Emma from NSW on 5th Jun 2012


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