Bursting with wonderful ingredients from the artic, Polaar's range of skincare and body care helps to reveal the skin's natural beauty, whilst respecting the environment. Founded by a son of Polar explorers, this beautiful French brand uses artic ingredients in expert formulations to transform the skin. 

Starting over 30 years ago, Polaar now has a range of collections that are natural, authentic, respectful and sensorial. Enriched with wonderful blends of arctic berries and uplifting scents, it's the epitome of simple, but effective French beauty. Try the bestselling Polar Revitalizing Night Cream

Why we chose Polaar:

  • Their formulas are genuine and authentic, using vegan friendly blends where possible
  • All of their products are free from parabens, mineral oil and alcohol
  • They use unique ingredients, extracted from the arctic world to care for the skin, whilst being kind to the environment.

Polaar Best Sellers

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