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About HAYO'U Body Restorer - Massage Tool

Age old Chinese techniques have been rediscovered by HAYO'U helping to ease stress and create calm in everyday life. This massage tool gives your body a complete M.O.T relieving muscular pain and headaches, reducing inflammation, releasing tension and even promoting better sleep and boosting immunity. 

Made from stainless steal in order to target and promote a stronger response in the larger muscles of the body in just 1 minute of use. 

Tips from HAYO'U

  • Suffering from a cold - Use press strokes to massage your chest. 
  • Arthritis - Use the tip of the tool to massage fingers ending at the finger tips
  • Grueling workouts -  Use press strokes to massage tight calves
  • Uncomfortable knots in shoulders and back - Use press strokes from the centre of the back and working outwards to relieve tension

Key benefits

  • Relieves tension and tightness in muscles
  • Increases lympthatic drainage
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves stress and headaches
  • Breaks down toxins

What is Gua Sha

Roughly translated 'Gua' means to press stroke and 'sha' means redness. This ancient technique is older than acupuncture and is designed to encourage your own skin's circulationbringing in nutrients and boosting collagen for a more deep and meaningful way to improve your skin health than applying creams and serums. The stress relieving action also provides a massage to aching muscles and releases areas of tension.

How to use HAYO'U Body Restorer

  1. Use with oil or over clothes, then follow the HAYO'U's restoring ritual stroke method
  2. Do not perform Gua Sha directly onto dry skiin
  3. Use slow stroking motions in one direction, skin will turn red as the circulation is boosted
  4. Cleanse tool after use with soap, facial cleanser or water. 

Not suitable for use while pregnant. Do not us on spine and throat. 

Tip: For soft, delicate and mature skin types HAYO'U recommend using Beauty Restorer Jade Facial Massage Tool on the body as this will provide a more gentle massage. 

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