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Why we love Joico

Joico is a brand which is globally known for superior product perfomance, innovation, technology, integrity and professional education.  Joico pushes the limits of science, modern technology and the finest ingredients create superior formulations.  All Joico products are presented in an artful design which is sleek, streamlined and chic with metallic colours that fit for all styles and every environment.

Why they were specially selected

Highly rated by all members of staff at Bath & Unwind and seen in all of our bathrooms Joico is a fantastic range of high perfomance haircare products, which we are delighted to bring to our customers. Joico's story started in 1975 when a Southern Californian hairstylist became disenchanted with many of the professional line products. He took the decision to start looking for a product with 'integrity' that concentrated on 'healthy hair' as its key feature. It became his priority to research a range of products that both he and his company could be indentified with, and so Joico was born. Joico's unprecedented science approach to hair care began to take the United States by storm and eventually the world.
Today Joico is represented in more than 60 countries worldwide and is recognized as a valid professional partner for stylists from all over the world. 'The Joy of Healthy Hair' is Joico's leading statement today and will remain so in the future.

Why Joico is the best at what they do

Joico eat, sleep and breathe beauty.  They develop innovative, top performing hair products for healthy hair, and design artistic imagery that inspires creativity.  They surround themselves with the most gifted artists and educators in the salon industry - Why? 'Because beauty isn't our job-its our passion'. Every Joico product is designed to obtain a certain result with a specific purpose, they will deliver the results they promise, they guarantee you that.  Joico has a product for every hair need, so whether you require 'Colour Endure' for your colour treated hair or 'Body Luxe' for your Limp hair, Joico has a product that will maintain and guarantee the health of your hair.

Hero Product

The K-Pak range is one of our best sellers at Bath & Unwind, and the results speak for themselves. K-Pak provides the ultimate in hair reconstruction, it repairs, strenghthens and protects overstressed, damaged and chemically treated hair. Wonderfully scented with Citrus notes mixed with hibiscus and bamboo leaf, coconut and white musk provide the underlying character.
If you hair has been damaged by chemical processing, thermal styling and environmental damage that K-Pak has what it takes to restore your hairs original strength and condition. All products are highly recommended by our beauty followers, the reviews are outstanding! Order yours today and feel your hair return to its natural fabulous state.