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Why we love Korres

Korres was established in 1996 by husband and wife team George and Lena Korres, its roots based in the first homeopathic pharmacy of Athens where herbal preparations based on traditional Greek remedies were produced. With backgrounds in pharmacology and chemical engineering, the founders were well placed to develop a line of skincare products based on these remedies, and have done so based on the philosophy that using natural products should not mean compromising efficacy.
We love that due to their dedication to ongoing research and development, the Korres brand has grown to offer us an extensive range of skin, hair and body care products, a makeup range and a sun care range, at prices that mean we can use Korres as part of our daily grooming routine. The last decade has seen continued success for Korres around the world, with stores opening in locations as far afield as Dubai, New York and Singapore.

Why we chose Korres

We became aware of Korres quite early on in the Bath & Unwind timeline, with a member of the team discovering the range in a small pharmacy in Olympia while on holiday in Greece. She was attracted by the stylish yet simple way the products were presented, and after buying some shower gels to try, felt sure this was a brand that would be adored by our customers.
Korres have not strayed from their main philosophy, and continue to take the sourcing of their ingredients very seriously. Herbs and other flora are selected from specific regions of Greece to ensure their quality and potency are maximised.
Another facet of the Korres philosophy is to encourage and support sustainable and responsible farming, and build partnerships and co-operatives with farmers and agricultural unions. One example of this is their working relationship with the Agrinio Agricultural Co-operative of Aromatic Herbs, which was set up by former tobacco farmers who needed to find an alternative after finding their livelihood threatened when tobacco demand fell. We are proud to stock products from a company with such a responsible and philanthropic ethos.

Why their products work

Korres are unique in the bath and beauty industry by combining their passion for natural remedies and organic ingredients with a desire to use modern scientific techniques to ensure they develop product lines that are as effective as possible. Their dedication to research has resulted in the establishment of a scientific research board to investigate the clinical benefits of natural ingredients. They also limit and seek out alternatives to the ingredients whose safety and effectiveness are currently disputed, such as parabens and mineral oil.

Our hero product

Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturising Cream, the first cosmetic formula from the Korres pharmacy, is one of the bestselling products worldwide and has received many glowing reviews from Bath & Unwind customers. This light but rich cream provides skin with moisture all day long, and helps combat the problems caused by city pollution, and the drying effects caused by air conditioning, central heating and air travel.  The key ingredient is wild rose oil, which helps to moisturise fine lines and fade the appearance of brown spots. It’s a firm favourite here at Bath & Unwind HQ, as it seems to be compatible with our many skin types.