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Why we love Olverum

Olverum beams with heritage. Founded by Franz Otto Klein, a regular Frankfurt mountain spa goer, its natural pure essential oil blend makes it truly one of the finest therapeutic treatments. The brand was created after the wonderful pine needle blends Franz was used to, had stopped being manufactured, and so he resolved to source and blend the world’s finest essential oils in an effort to create the restorative treatments he once had.

Why we chose Olverum

With such a cult following, Olverum really is a hero product, and we love that its popularity is purely down to word of mouth. Since its birth in 1931, it has continued to acquire a worldwide following of passionate devotees. Combining Siberian fir needle, exotic verbena, rosemary, lemon peel, lime, lavender and eucalyptus, its distinctive aromatic scent makes it one of life’s little luxuries.

Why their products work

With just a few drops in your bath, it instantly helps to ease stress, relax tension and bring you back to your complete and natural self. Combining a beautiful blend of oils that work in synergy, it can also help aid sleep, stimulate circulation, and relieve aching muscles and clear blocked sinuses, making it perfect for restoring and rejuvenating both the mind and body.

Our hero product

The bath oil is a hero in itself, containing no artificial colorants or preservatives and not tested on animals, its kind to the skin, and creates a calming and invigorating at-home spa experience.