For decades, Olverum (meaning 'true oil') was a cult product, only known to a select band of devotees. But now the secret's out - the stunning aroma and therapeutic properties of this precious bath oil is too good not to share. Boasting the most incredible blend of essential oils including Siberian fir, eucalyptus and verbena, a capful in your evening bath is a restorative and peaceful experience that will ease stress and relax tension.

Founded over eight decades ago, Olverum still stays true to it's beginnings, oozing with aromatherapy luxury, the brands select product range uses pure essential oils to soothe aching muscles, relieve tension and stress, and promote a deep a restful sleep. Try the bestselling Olverum Bath Oil 25 and enjoy 25 blissful bathing experiences, we promise you will not regret it!

Why we chose Olverum

  • They have a cult status in aromatherapy and bathing
  • Their unique formulation has remained the same since the 1940's, because it works
  • They offer indulgent bathing experiences that promote an overall sense of wellbeing

Olverum Best Sellers

Olverum Product Ranges

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