Leighton Denny

Leighton Denny Bestsellers:

Why we love this brand

Leighton Denny is the award winning and creative dynamo behind the highly succesful Leighton Denny Expert Nails Range. Launched in 2005 the award winning range of hand and nail care products have gone on to be internationally recognised and have received critical acclaim from top beauty editors and consumers and are regulary featured in major weekly and monthly national publications.

Why they were specially selected

Leighton Denny's story began after a glamerous trip to LA where Leighton identified a niche in the UK market for a hip and happening nail bar. Leighton went on to open his own in Bradford (one of the first to arrive in the UK) but soon realised if he wanted to make it big and make a name for himself he would need to move to London. 2002 saw the launch of his own flagship boutique in Harrods and there are now over 200 salons both in the UK and internationally. Now know as the 'Master of Manicures' in the UK, Leighton is the first manicurist to enter the British Hall Of Fame. Leighton launched his collection of hand and nail care products in 2005, which are now stocked in over 300 luxury salons and spas globally. Bath & Unwind are thrilled to bring this range of of nail products to our customers for you to experience this award winning range and experiment with the vast range of wonderful colours.

Why this brand is best at what they do

Leighton Denny's Expert Nails range features an array of high performance nail colour which is easy to apply, long lasting and chip resistant. Colour doesn't fade and keeps a high gloss shine day after day. The range also features manicure and pedicure treatments and nail implements which have been inspired by spa ranges and essential oils. All products guarantee you will get professional results at home. Leighton Denny keeps up to date with the latest trends and releases limited edition collections each season. Loved by celebrities such as Geri Halliwell , Mylene Klass, Rhianna and Davina McCall, Leighton was also the resident 
manicurist for the Spice Girls Reunion Tour and the Brit awards. Over the course of the career Leighton has become a celebrity in his own right and has made apperances on GMTV, LK Today and This Morning.

Hero Product

Do you ever get impatient waiting for your polish to dry and end up ruining all your hardwork with a smudge here and there? Then you need to order some Leighton Denny Miracle Drops! Our hero product is speed drying at its best.  A blend of volatitle silicones specially formulated to radically speed up drying time.  Your nails are touch dry in seconds. Miracle Drops also helps stop smuding, while adding lustre to both nails and cuticles.  You simply apply a few drop over touch dry polish and your ready to go!
"Lifes too short to put on hold while waiting for nail polish to dry.  I developed Miracle Drops to speed up drying time so polish dries in double quick time" - Leighton Denny