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Why we chose Phytomer

Bath & Unwind have taken the plunge into the world of marine cosmetics – and discovered a lot more than we bargained for. Phytomer is the groundbreaking and leading brand in the beauty industry, with uncontested expertise in marine-based cosmetology. Sharing their passion for beauty, the ocean and well-being, Phytomer do not reinvent what nature does so well; they enhance it. Through their specially designed skin care ranges, they provide spa-type treatments for at-home beauty.

Why we love Phytomer

Phytomer, whose name means "ocean plants", is the first brand in the world to have integrated the benefits of the marine world into modern cosmetology. Using 3 main elements of the ocean, seaweed and coastal plants, Phytomer have developed their products to contain active ingredients and treatments which are perfectly suited to, and tolerated by, the skin. Having discovered the astonishing similarities between our skin, the ocean and even the protective membranes of seaweed, Phytomer use their studies of biomimetism to specifically design their treatments to offer the sensations, performance, and unique pleasure of a new type of beauty – one that is more natural and real.
Using natural procedures for extraction in order to conserve the structure and composition of seaweed, plants and sea water, Phytomer are the only laboratory in the world to have freeze dried seawater in order to obtain their unique active ingredient: OLIGOMER. This vehicle for penetration allows products to be truly effective and is present in almost all of Phytomer’s products. Other ingredients compliment each range, such as Normaline used in the Purify range and Pheohydrane, an extract used within the Moisturise range – there is a tailor-made beauty regime which will suit every type of skin and body care to improve texture.

Why this range works

With all their skin care ranges suited to every type of skin – from Whitening & Brightening for skin pigment discolouration, or Anti-Aging which takes properties of Eternelle des Mers, extracted from thousand-year-old blue micro-algae, as a potent weapon against wrinkles and slackening of mature skin, Phytomer has a range to satisfy even the hardcore beauty veterans among you.
Even catering for the part of the population who are new to the world of beauty regimes; they have developed a men’s range based on the unique characteristics of the male epidermis, combining fast, simple, and effective treatments to ensure instant results. We have been seduced by stories of the sea and the powerful beauty secrets it holds – now so can you.

Our hero product

Why not bring a bit of spa therapy into your home? With Phytomer Oligomer Bath you can recreate the calming elements of a beauty treatment in your own bathroom. Oligomer is a freeze dried concentrate of sea water with some salt removed.
This bath powder contains all of the remineralizing properties of seawater, providing you with a true balneotherapy treatment at home. It is both invigorating and relaxing, boosting energy levels at times of fatigue. Suitable for all skin types, simply pour into your bath and experience the rehydrating properties, bringing equilibrium and balance to skin, body and mind.