Yes To


Why we love this brand

We love Yes To's mission - 'Spread Happiness through the undeniable power of YES! and one of the ways they do that is making absolutely delicious products to nourish your skin and hair.  Yes To is a consumer-inspired line of hair and skin products born out of a desire to make you look and feel your most happy and radiant.  Yes To combines high quality organic fruits and vegetables with efficious ingredients to nourish and hydrate naturally.

Why they were specially selected

When Bath & Unwind heard about the Yes To brand we knew we had to bring it to our customers, this natural range of products is a welcome addition to our growing collection. Founded in 2006 in the spirit of 'it might just be crazy enough to work' Yes To founders tried mixing the legendary minerals from the Dead Sea with (of all things) orgainc fruits and vegetables.
They knew that organic fruits and vegetables were a great source of skin-enriching vitamins, and they suspected that the special mineral elixir from the Dead Sea would help lock in the magic. And it did. That's how Yes To was born. The funny thing about positivity is, its utterly contagious, and so the little company with a big heart soon grew into a bigger company with an even bigger heart.

Hero Product

We love 'Yes To Carrots Hair & Scalp Moisturising Hair Mud Mask' and evidently you do to as this is our best selling Yes To product at Bath & Unwind! This paraben free mud mask will keep your temptress tresses nourished, moisturised, soft and tangle free. This mask can be used 1- 2 times a week as a deep conditioning intensive treatment, used after shampooing, and left on the hair for 12 minutes. It will keep your locks in tip top condition. Order yours today!

Why this brand is best at what they do

Yes To has four unique collections - Yes To Carrots, Yes To Tomatoes, Yes To Cucumbers, Yes To Baby Carrots.  The Yes To family addresses a variety of skin and hair needs to help people find their own 'recipe' of products.  Yes To Carrots products are created to nourish, Yes To Cucumbers are created to soothe, Yes To Tomatoes products are to help you achieve clear skin and Yes To Baby Carrots created to nurture, soothe and soften your cuddly little one with 100% natural products.  Yes To want you to think as much about what you put on your body as what you put in.  Not only have Yes To found a way to offer all these wonderful product at a guilt-free price but a portion of all Yes To proceeds has been dedicated to the Yes To Carrots Seed Fund, a non-profit organisation helping to make a difference in peoples lives through sustainable agriculture.  Join the Yes To way of thinking and Say Yes.... to everything!