Olverum Travel Set

Rough skin
Muscle/joint ache & stiffness
Colds and Flu
Contains essential oils
Plastic bottle
Travel size
Product ID: 1325

About Olverum Travel Set

A trio of miniature travel-sized bottles containing Olverum's luxurious bath oil to help soothe the mind and body for a truly indulgent bath experience. With a wealth of essential oils from carefully selected plants, the aromatic fragrance of Olverum transforms a warm bath into a therapeutic relaxation for the whole body.

Lemon, lavender and exotic verbena help to relax and soothe the mind from everyday stresses and strains, while lavandin, juniper and woody rosemary stimulate circulation and bring relief to aching muscles and joints, including rheumatic pain. Olverum can also be massaged directly into skin to relieve tense and sore muscles. Pine, lavender, eucalyptus and lemon essential oils are at the base of Olverum's characteristic fragrance, and help to clear blocked sinuses and ease congestion. Bathing in Olverum is particularly beneficial for those suffering with symptoms of cold or flu.

The light texture is easily absorbed by the body and leaves skin beautifully soft and supple, and the 15ml travel sizes are perfect for a weekend away, so you never have to be without this cult classic. 


3 x Olverum Balm Oil - 15ml

Key benefits

  • Perfect for travel 
  • Made with natural essential oils
  • Helps calm and relax body the mind and body
  • Clears congestion and eases symptoms of cold and flu

How to use Olverum Bath Oil Travel Set

  1. Pour under running water for a theraputic bathing experience
  2. Alternatively massage directly onto skin and rinse with water

About Olverum brand

Originally founded in Germany in 1931, Olverum, meaning 'true oil' in Latin achieved cult status with their bestselling Olverum Bath Oil. Uniquely formulated with Siberian fir needle and plant essential oils, it has the ability to ease aching muscles, promote sleep and relieve cold symptoms. Olverum have since launched body oils and a travel set, all oozing with their signature therapeutic blends that work to relax both the mind and body.