Bliss Bestsellers:

Why we love Bliss

In the late 1980s, Marcia Kilgore moved from Saskatchewan, Canada to New York where she worked as a personal trainer to fund her studies. One summer, frustrated with years spent trying to clear and cover her acne-prone skin, she enrolled on an intensive course about skincare. Following this, Marcia began giving facials to her friends and her business grew throughout the 1990s. In 1996, the first Bliss spa was launched in New York, and in a short time the company went international. It now boasts eight spas around the world.
We love that Bliss is the success story of one woman’s determination to bring her own skincare solutions to others. (And the names are pretty great too!).

Why we chose Bliss

Our buying team were lucky enough to visit the Bliss spa in London and were impressed with the service and treatments they received. They were keen to share this unique brand with our customers, so you can bring the Bliss experience to your own homes.


Why their products work

Marcia Kilgore devised her original treatments to help the skin and body concerns of herself and her friends. She continued her role as skincare therapist in the brand’s formative years and this hands on experience played a key part in developing a range of retail products that address common skin and body problems. The continued success of Bliss across the world is testament to its effectiveness.

Our hero product

One of the bestselling products from the Bliss collection is Fat Girl Slim, a cream that helps firm the skin and diminish dimples and stretch marks. It contains ingredients that help boost circulation in the skin, resulting in better lymphatic drainage and a smoother appearance.