Dr Bragi


Why we love the brand

With its unique formulations of marine enzymes and an emphasis on clear, natural products, Dr. Bragi is the name in skin care for those who require something clean, active and different. In a world of quick fixes and chemical additives, Dr. Bragi sets itself apart from the rest; nothing superfluous is added. Their products look and smell as they should, without the need to mask with perfumes or added extras. With celebrity endorsement from the likes of Jamelia and Estelle, Dr. Bragi has a reputation for purity and proven formulas which work.

Why the brand works

Dr. Bragi is made up of three main products, all of which contain the marine enzymes which the Icelandic Professor of Biochemistry, Dr. Jon Bragi, has dedicated his life to understanding and developing, now owning the worldwide patent for these powerful extracts. His extensive research initially focused on the therapeutic value of the enzymes for arthritis and wound healing. Clinical evidence of their effectiveness was so compelling that it prompted Dr Bragi to explore their cosmetic potential as well. He found that these marine enzymes became 'super-active' when taken from the natural freezing temperatures of the ocean and introduced to room temperature, becoming far more powerful than any other land-derived enzymes. The difference in their effect is comparable, and as the enzymes are from the pure environment of the ocean they perform at a higher level than those which are from the multi-polluted environment of the land.
What do these 'enzymes' actually do? The marine enzyme activity, found within the three products in the Dr. Bragi line, has a plethora of benefits to both the face and body. With visible improvements such as smoother and brighter looking skin, increased and long-lasting hydration without reapplication throughout the day ' the benefits are numerous. Dr. Bragi Age Management Marine Enzyme uses the patented and immensely effective 'Penzyme' in a supergel to combat skin ageing. However, it performs many functions; reducing itchiness, redness, spots and marks while exfoliating, purifying and cleansing the skin simultaneously. With multi-functioning products such as this, and Dr. Bragi Face & Body Salvation which harnesses the unique properties of the marine enzymes to instantly nourish, calm and rebalance ' this range is, in Dr. Bragi's words, "a paradigm shift in skincare" with amazing results.

Our hero product

With a compelling testimony and recommendation from one of the world's leading make-up artists, the Dr. Bragi Intensive Treatment Mask is your one-stop-shop for instantly revitalised skin. An innovative mask which is designed to rapidly target redness, dehydration and loss of firmness skin ' this is a spa treatment to experience in your own home. With an easy to apply fabric mask, it is applied directly to cleansed skin delivering the highest concentration of patented marine enzymes, while you lie back and relax for 15 minutes.
Skin immediately appears smoother and plumper ' great for an instant pre-party pick-me-up, or a morning-after saviour!
With only three products available, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Dr. Bragi line couldn't possibly offer enough for your skin. You'd be wrong. It is quality, and not quantity, which counts with this brand. With powerful marine enzyme technology, each product delivers strong results when applied to both face and body. Suitable for all skin types, but especially effective for those on the sensitive side, Dr. Bragi is simply a unique and refreshing skincare line which, like it's products, needs no 'added extras'.