Kneipp Bestsellers:

Why we love Kneipp

In the 19th century, German priest Sebastian Kneipp began to bathe in cold water to help alleviate his tuberculosis. Finding this helped, he continued research into hydrotherapy, extending his investigation to include the benefits of certain plants to mental and physical wellbeing. In 1890, he began a partnership with pharmacist Leonhard Oberhäußer and together they created therapeutic products to ease a variety of ailments.


We love Kneipp’s unique heritage and its dedication, for over a hundred years, to developing effective herbal formulas. The Kneipp philosophy advocates an holistic lifestyle approach, recognising the importance of allowing your mental state to reflect your physical wellbeing.


Why we chose Kneipp

For many of us at Bath & Unwind HQ, taking a bath is the perfect opportunity for some ‘me time’. We are sure many of you feel the same, and Kneipp is the perfect brand if you want a more natural alternative to cold and flu remedies, painkillers or sleeping tablets.


Why their products work

From the baths of Ancient Rome to Japanese onsen, the beneficial effects of water have long been recognised. The Kneipp collection is based around products that enhance your bathing experience, turning it from routine to restorative.


Our hero product

In keeping with Kneipp’s hydrotherapy heritage, our hero product is the Muscle Soothing Juniper Mineral Bath Salts. These beautifully scented salts allow you to soak away your stresses and strains after a long day in the office or a tough session at the gym.