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Why we love Organic Surge 

Organic Surge is a complete range of bath, body, skin and hair care that not only cares for you and the planet but pledges to give something back too. Boasting a happy blend of ingredients, boosted by organic extracts from natural plant origins and pure organic essential oils, Organic Surge is quite simply nature’s best assets, bottled.

Why we chose Organic Surge 

Organic Surge promises you that each and every one of the new formulations will be between 90% and 99% natural. It's the answer for anyone who wants great skincare but who also cares what’s on the inside. And with every single product sold, a percentage of what you pay goes to Africa to support vulnerable children. Now you really can look good and feel good.
Organic Surge new generation formula are proud to say that they are between 99% and 90% natural. But what does this mean? That it formulates with passion and care, that is uses the most natural and safest ingredients, that Organic Surge can guarantee to be vegan, cruelty free, DEA free, sulphate free, perfume free, paraben free, SLS free, propylene glycol free.They pledge that any surfactants used are coconut or corn glucose based. Any antioxidants are vegetable oil based. That there is a real commitment to source the best natural ingredients they can find, always.