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Why we love this brand

A’kin is an Australian skin and body care brand with a very clever concept. Formed by The Purist Company in 1997, the ethos behind the range is that all things are best for the earth, and for us, when they are as unaltered as possible. We love that only authentic, natural ingredients make it into their products and that the formulas are specially created to enhance the way skin works naturally. With such a gentle approach, even the most sensitive skin is in safe hands.

Why we chose A’kin

We love the care with which they consider every detail of their products - from provenance, fragrance and texture, right down to the recyclable packaging - to make for a holistic and indulgent experience. They also source ingredients with specific skin types in mind, meaning a range that has something for everyone.

All of A'kin's natural skincare is free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, propylene glycol, phthalates, DEA (MEA TEA), ethoxylated and petrochemical cleansers.
Why their products work
A’kin helps ensure real results from its products by adhering to a Power of Purity process. Each ingredient is researched thoroughly to ascertain its health-giving, beauty-boosting properties. Once selected it is extracted in its purest form to maximise efficacy and tested rigorously to ascertain which combinations work best together, and for which skin types.

Our hero Product

We’re really keen on  A'kin Rose and Geranium Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner in one- an essential part of any natural skincare regime. Full of skin-enriching goodies like avocado oil, shea butter and olive squalane, it removes makeup (including stubborn eye makeup) and impurities naturally, leaving skin clean, smooth and refreshed. A splash of witch hazel gives it the additional benefit of toning at the same time. Its delicate formula means it works brilliantly on dry, mature or sensitive skin to offer gentle care without aggravating.