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Why we love Perricone MD

The founder of this range, Dr Nicholas Perricone, is a clinical and research dermatologist who has worked in a number of universities and hospitals in the United States. Dr Perricone has also written bestselling books on subjects including the ageing of the skin, weight loss and diet, and has appeared on television programs such as the Today Show, Oprah and Access Hollywood.
We love that Perricone MD acknowledges skincare needs to be addressed in a number of ways, and that lifestyle, diet and getting plenty of sleep are as important as the products you use. Dr Perricone advocates a three-tiered programme to ensure optimum skin health, consisting of a high protein, low sugar diet, vitamin and mineral supplements and a skincare regime using clinically effective products.

Why we chose Perricone MD

There are a number of dermatologist developed skincare lines on the market today, though none seem to put as much emphasis on an holistic approach as Perricone MD. The skincare collection has grown from Nicholas Perricone’s extensive experience and is continually refined as more research takes place, and his face to face interaction with patients enables him to really understand the needs and concerns of product users.

Why their products work

The development of the Perricone MD product line was a natural continuation of the founder’s knowledge and experience in dermatology. As a result they are based upon a clinical understanding of skin concerns. As Nicholas Perricone has continued working in the field of dermatological treatment and research, his range of products benefit from the latest advancements in skincare science.

Our hero product

Perricone MD Advanced Face Firming Activator is one of the original products developed by the brand, and is an excellent way to see the results of using dermatologist developed skincare. It has a lightweight consistency and works to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, while reducing the appearance of pores. This product can be used whatever your skin type; simply tailor your cleansing and hydrating products to suit the specific needs of your skin, using the Face Firming Activator on clean skin before moisturising.