Body Care

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  • Waphyto Intimate Oil


    Waphyto Intimate Oil

    Designed with a light, easy-to-massage texture, this intimate oil features a carefully-selected blend of eight different moisturising plant-based oils, designed to treat your most delicate areas. Created to help combat dryness which can result from...
  • Waphyto Intimate Wash


    Waphyto Intimate Wash

    For your most delicate areas, this intimate wash is designed to support pH balance and proper moisture levels, by gently cleansing and purifying the skin. Infused with skin-conditioning someiyoshino leaf extract, suizenori polysaccharide, yaeyama aoki...
  • Waphyto Lubricant


    Waphyto Lubricant

    A moisturising gel designed to prevent dryness, dullness and discolouration, while also replacing lost moisture and nourishing the skin. This lightweight, non-sticky lubricant formula contains skin-conditioning someiyoshino leaf extract, suizenori...