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Why we love Redken

Founded in the USA in 1960, Redken began life as a collaboration between actress Paula Kent and her hairdresser Jheri Redding, (their surnames form the company name). Working in the entertainment industry necessitated she change her image frequently, and Kent was using various products on her hair. She found many to be too harsh, triggering adverse scalp reactions, so the aim of Redken was to develop gentle, yet effective, hair products based on the latest scientific knowledge.
We love that Redken used a scientific basis to develop their products, a practice which has continued to the present day. The company stay at the forefront of innovation when it comes to ingredients, and are therefore able to offer a fantastic collection of products which are designed to treat your specific hair concerns.

Why we chose Redken

Our affiliated salon received a lot of enquiries about Redken, and as we looked into stocking them we realised this was a brand we wanted to be associated with. With a long and illustrious history, Redken is one of the original salon brands, with the aim of treating hair and scalp problems rather than just disguising them. Their system of partnering salons enabled stylists to provide clients with tailored advice and haircare solutions, so hair could be treated and cared for between salon visits.
In addition, Redken was awarded the status of icon of the American marketplace by Columbia University and Random House Publishing in 2008, along with such household names as Adidas and Band-Aid. It was the only haircare company to make the list, testament to their reputation as an industry leading brand.

Why their products work

Initially, Redken’s products were developed based on evidence that hair is made up of protein; the rationale was that by topically applying proteins via products hair can be strengthened and reconditioned. A continuing commitment to using a scientific approach helps increase the internal strength of the hair and reinforces cuticles.
The focus on research within Redken ensures products are developed using the most up-to-date knowledge, so you can be sure your hair is in good product development has resulted in the company holding over sixty global patents 
relating to products and ingredients. For example, the Redken Extreme range contains the patented 3D Repair Complex, a mix of proteins, ceramides and lipids which 

Our hero product

If your hair is dry or brittle from excessive heat styling or colouring, Redken’s All Soft range will soften and condition it, giving it a brilliant shine. We love the All Soft Heavy Cream in particular, which works as an intensive treatment mask on dry and damaged hair. It detangles hair, leaving it shiny and soft and doesn’t cause fine hair to be weighed down.